Feb. 13th, 2017

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козлик отпущения найден: все мы!
не городслие/штатные власти, поощряющие переселение народов -- негр из чикаго, муслим из сомАли, юный ливиец, седой муджахед... -- в дулут, где переселенцы немедленно начинают получать $$ на бедность, что поощряет следующих, а легких денег всем надо! - и пошло-поехало, а мы все, оказывается!

The recent shootings and drug busts in Duluth have residents commenting and blaming our mayor and other elected officials for allowing folks from cities like Chicago to come to Duluth to sell drugs and to bring their criminal behavior.

But the blame for the violence does not belong with the mayor, police chief or other officials. This is happening nationwide. The opiate and heroin epidemic has hit everywhere. It's no longer a large-city problem. It's now also terrorizing small-town and rural America.

The blame is shared by all of us.

The U.S. makes up less than 5 percent of the world's population but consumes 91 percent of the world's hydrocodone and other synthetic forms of heroin prescribed by our medical community; 70 percent of all heroin addicts start on prescribed opiates, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The medical community has, in part, admitted it is to blame for this epidemic.


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